Cooking In Cast Iron Cookware

You can probably recall your grandparents using cast iron frying pans and skillets. On Sunday, you were sure to have fried chicken cooked in a cast iron frying pan and some delicious gravy to cover that rice.

There are many pieces of cast iron cookware. Many a fine meals have been prepared in cast iron frying pans and skillets. Cast iron has handles that can endure the heat. When you’re not using your cookware, it is best to grease it down to prevent rust . Cleaning cast iron is rather simple if cleaned while warm. Wash out and towel dry. Storing food in cast iron is not recommended. Moisture can form and cause rust to develop . This could be very harmful.

Cast Iron Cookware : Fry Pans- great for frying chicken or fish Dutch Ovens- Can be used for many purposes. This can be used when camping out or cooking your favorite pot of soup or beans. Cornbread Pan- ideal for cooking cornbread or small pieces of fish. Flat Bottom Square Skillet- used for frying up that bacon or sausage. Country Kettle- makes some great chili, soups and stews. Cast Iron Charcoal Grill – great for grilling on picnics. You can find this cookware at ball games where tailgating is permitted.

Campers use cast iron cookware to prepare their outdoor meals. Haven’t you ever eaten that fried bacon, eggs and outdoor toast? Catching fish and frying them up outdoors by the creek is awesome. Sporting events , is an excellent place to see cast iron cookware put through a test.

Cast Iron cookware isn’t all that expensive. It does require more maintenance than other cookware. Preserving your cookware is simple. Keep it clean and greased down.

If your parents and grandparents used cast iron cookware , you can believe that it is durable and can stand the heat. The weight of the cast iron helps to equalize the heat. Cast iron is great for slow cooking .

When selecting your cookware , cast iron is the only one that has multiple uses. Indoor and outdoor usage. Having cast iron cookware will benefit your family for generations to come. Carry your children and grandchildren down to the creek and fry those fish up. Camp out and enjoy the scent of that bacon cooking and that coffee brewing. Your life will never be the same , once you invest in cast iron cookware. Prepare to hand down your cast iron cookware to your children. It is that durable.

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